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House lifting services in kerala

House lifting services in kerala

House lifting services in Kerala – House lifting, also known as house rising, and house jacking, or building lifting by jacking, is a highly skilled method of elevating a structure temporarily from its base using hydraulic screw jacks. This difficult process is required for transferring the complete structure to a new place, as well as rebuilding the foundation.

When a second storey is added to an existing structure, the foundation is likely to be inadequate to support the increased weight. In other situations, the foundation may be discovered to be weak after a few years after construction, while the remainder of the structure remains intact. In such cases, the building can be temporarily raised and a new, stronger foundation built without disrupting the entire structure.

What is the Process of House Lifting In Kerala

House construction is a major project that needs meticulous planning and execution, with safety at the forefront. Hydraulic jacks and lengthy steel I-beams are used in the operation.

First, the foundation’s condition is thoroughly assessed, and the surrounding area is cleaned. After that, steel I-beams are lowered beneath the building’s first floor, supported on both sides by hydraulic jacks. Underneath the elevated floor, strong pieces of wood are cross-stacked.

The lifting is usually done in six to ten-inch increments. One pair of timber is cross-stacked after each lift, and the procedure is continued until the desired height is reached. Before beginning the home lifting operation, all electrical, water, and other utility connections are severed.

The hydraulic jacks are progressively withdrawn once the building has been elevated as stated above, enabling the structure to rest on the cross-stacked timbers.

Build a story beneath your house by raising it.

If you want to add a story to your house, you don’t have to waste time and money tearing down and rebuilding a beautiful roof, not to mention cleaning and redesigning the story beneath the roof. We are only able to raise the existing building to the new needed height (typically between 8 and 12 feet). After that, a new wood floor system is installed on top of the existing foundation walls, and outside frame walls are installed in the suit. Our crew may return to line the house onto the newly-constructed ground level after all of the bearing points are in place.

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